We value our patients' experience at Winkler Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Rick Corbett
Your Winkler Chiropractor

  • "I had hip and knee pain for about 5 years.
    The pain was very sharp, and I had trouble sleeping or working.
    I saw a medical doctor 5 years ago, and then 3 months ago, but they didn’t help me.
    I started seeing Dr. Corbett.
    His treatment has really helped a lot.

    My hip and knee pain is almost all gone."
    A. F.
  • "I had back troubles. It wouldn’t quit. Went to massage and spent about a thousand dollars. Didn’t help.

    Went to my doctor and he recommended physiotherapy. Had the treatment, and spent another thousand dollars. Didn’t help either.

    I heard about Dr. Corbett, and went there. After two weeks, and less than $150.00 for the treatment, I was fixed.

    Now I know who I should have gone to first."
    C. D.
  • "I spent all last winter going to the hospital.
    It was my hips.

    I could not stand. Two minutes was too long. Walking hurt too.

    After Dr. Corbett’s treatments, all my pain went away.

    Never felt better in the last 20 years."
    K. A.
  • "I was involved in a car accident and injured my arms, neck, legs and back. The injuries were very painful and I couldn’t use my left arm at all. Every day was a struggle and I could not do housework or even walk without pain.

    I consulted a medical doctor and they could do nothing. They recommended seeing a chiropractor. My daughter referred me to Dr. Corbett.

    Dr. Corbett’s treatments helped! I can use my arm again and can move around my house without pain.

    If I would not have seen Dr. Corbett, I would be living with a lot of pain and unable to use my left arm at all. I would definitely recommend going to see Dr. Corbett, as he helped me a lot."
  • "I injured my arm and shoulder playing football. I went to to other chiropractors with no results, though they kept wanting me to come back.

    My son recommended me to Dr. Corbett after receiving successful treatments for himself.

    After treatment, I can move my shoulder and arm again.

    Dr. Corbett is a great chiropractor and has very friendly and accommodating staff. I would recommend him."
  • "I injured a disc in my back playing hockey.

    A medical doctor scheduled me for surgery and told me I would be out for the rest of this season and possibly for the next season as well.

    My coach sent me to Dr. Corbett.

    Dr. Corbett fixed my back without surgery, and I was able to return to playing within three weeks of starting treatment with Dr. Corbett.

    Not only did I not need surgery, but I was able to play the rest of the season because of Dr. Corbett’s treatments."
  • "My husband was suffering from heel spurs, but was hesitant to see a chiropractor. However, when his doctor suggested surgery, he decided to pursue my suggestion of seeing a chiropractor.

    After numerous treatments, his heel spur problem was resolved. Even though it did take some time and many treatments, my husband was very pleased that he did not have to have surgery.

    Now, my husband is much quicker and willing to seek out the help of a chiropractor, and would recommend that others give it a try as well."
  • "I had continual pain since 1962 in my left leg and hip, as well as in my neck. It started as a sharp pain in my lower back and worsened until I was unable to walk, sit or bend comfortably.

    I consulted a doctor in Winnipeg in 1962 and he recommended chiropractic treatment. My doctor recommended Dr. Corbett when I moved from Winnipeg to Carmen.

    Dr. Corbett informed me that my back and hip needed to be properly realigned. After many treatments, the result was complete comfort and enabled me to be completely active.

    My doctor said that if I would not have had chiropractic treatments, I would have lost the ability to use my left leg and I would be in a wheelchair.

    I liked that Dr. Corbett took the time to listen and discuss the problem, then offered treatment to assist be in the best way."
  • "I decided to seek Dr. Corbett’s help with my 16 1/2 month old, who was not yet walking and crawled funny.

    Dr. Corbett told me that my baby’s hips were twisted and needed to be realigned. After several treatments, my baby began standing on it’s own and is now able to crawl better as well as walk.

    If Dr. Corbett had not been able to help, it would have been very painful for my baby to walk and would have taken a long time to learn to stand and walk."
  • "I was having hip problems and a friend recommended me to Dr. Corbett after I had seen numerous doctors and massage and physio therapists.

    I have seen huge improvements and am able to walk again.

    I liked that Dr. Corbett took X-rays and didn’t just try to guess what was wrong. He was very thorough."
    T. S.
  • "I had never gone to a chiropractor before, but when my hip began bothering me, my personal trainer recommended Dr. Corbett.

    I feel a lot better and I loved his friendly, fun staff."
  • "I was having knee pain and consulted my doctor, but after 2 1/2 years of no diagnosis and no relief after seeing three specialists, I went to Dr. Corbett.

    In my mind, going to a chiropractor was a last resort.

    Dr. Corbett quickly diagnosed my problem as being a severely worn out hip joint and he made arrangements for a surgeon to replace the hip.

    I wish I would have seen Dr. Corbett first and not waited the 2 1/2 years."
  • "I was working in the garden and bent the wrong way, throwing my back out. For five weeks I could not stand up or lie down. The pain was unbearable and I was beside myself.

    I diagnosed myself with a pulled muscle and my doctor told me to take a muscle relaxant, but it gave very little relief.

    I had been going to see Dr. Corbett for a few years on and off, and decided to let him have a look. He diagnosed me with one of my vertebrae as being off to one side after an x-ray.

    After about 6 treatments, the pain began to ease. I can now walk upright without the aid of a cane and can sleep in a normal bed.

    There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to chiropractors! Give the clinic a visit and you won’t be sorry."
  • "I was having pain in my lower back and neck. It had been going on for some time and I had a hard time standing and bending.

    I saw a medical doctor and was advised to use pain killers but they offered only temporary relief.

    A friend recommended Dr. Corbett to me and he diagnosed me with a slipped disc.

    The treatments have and continue to help with ongoing treatment. Day to day jobs are easier and I have a lot less pain. Without Dr. Corbett’s help my back would probably still be hurting to this day.

    Make that appointment. A chiropractor can really help you if you are patient and give the treatments a good try, as well as remaining faithful to the exercises you are given. Dr. Corbett has been treating my back and other joints for many years and I am much better for it!"
  • "My one year only could not walk, and I was recommended to Dr. Corbett by a friend. He said her back was not aligned.

    After one treatment, she went from not walking to walking. Without Dr. Corbett’s help, she would have taken a long time to learn to walk, if she did at all.

    I would refer others to Dr. Corbett!"
  • "I slipped and fell on ice and injured my lower back, left knee and neck. It was very painful and I could not walk or bend without pain.

    I was prescribed muscle relaxants by my doctor, but they had little or no lasting effects.

    I heard about Dr. Corbett by word of mouth from one of his other patients.

    Dr. Corbett diagnosed me with a stretched muscle in my knee, my back out of alignments and a neck vertebrae that was stressed.

    I have been going in for treatment and the pain gets better every time. My treatment is ongoing, but I am able to sit and walk with less pain.

    My advice to you is to not hesitate - Just go get relief!"
  • "I was having pain in my shoulder and neck. I couldn’t turn my head without pain and it happened for three days at least once a month.

    My brother recommended Dr. Corbett to me and Dr. Corbett told me that the cartilage in my neck had shifted. His treatments made my neck less stiff and I can move my head sideways now.

    Having a chiropractor work on your back and neck is very good for stiff muscles."
  • "I had an accident and was taken to the hospital. The doctors took two sets of x-rays and didn’t find anything broken.

    The next day, I went to see Dr. Corbett, who found a fracture in my neck. He sent me to Winnipeg to see a specialist and I was immediately sent to Health Sciences Centre.

    If I hadn’t seen Dr. Corbett, I don’t know what would have happened to me."
  • "My lower back and neck pain gradually worsened with age and day to day activities. It was an ongoing pain that made bending very difficult.

    I saw my doctor and he recommended pain killers, but they only gave temporary relief.

    My sister told me about Dr. Corbett. I made an appointment and he told me I had age related osteoporosis. He began treatments and I had considerable relief after each one. With ongoing maintenance therapy, I am able to do my daily activities.

    My advice to others would be to be patient and give the treatments a good chance. Sometimes it takes more than one. Also, be faithful to the exercises given."
  • "I had a sore back, neck and bad eye sight that sometimes caused upset stomach and headaches.

    I have been seeing Dr. Corbett for a long time, so I mentioned this to him. He checked it out and informed me that I have a weak shoulder and bad vertebrae in my neck and back. His treatments help every time and month upkeep treatments keep me going from day to day.

    If Dr. Corbett would not have been able to help me, I probably would be a cripple.

    He told me it is important to keep your body aligned in order to function properly. Thank you Dr. Corbett!"
  • "When my friend learned that I was having neck and lower back problems, he recommended me to Dr. Corbett. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I was in a lot of pain and looking for relief.

    His treatments helped a lot and Dr. Corbett is always in a great mood! I appreciate everything Dr. Corbett has done for me."
  • "I had a farm accident and over a time period of thirty years, my shoulder felt worn out. My arm tired easily and bothered me a lot.

    I friend recommended me to Dr. Corbett. He diagnosed me with a Frozen Shoulder. His treatments helped and the pain is a lot better.

    It is my opinion that everyone should have a chiropractor in their life."
  • "I was suffering from a sore shoulder and it worsened during harvest time and when I was trucking. It felt like my shoulder had been pulled from it’s socket and made normal activities very difficult and panful.

    I consulted a doctor and had many recommendations over the years, including pain killers and physiotherapy. But I saw no results.

    I went to see Dr. Corbett and he told me the problem was actually in my neck. His treatments relieved the pain and ongoing treatments keep my neck working properly.

    If Dr. Corbett would not have found a solution, I would have had to suffer in pain and been severely limited in my work.

    Give a chiropractor a chance before you say it won’t work!"
  • "I have known Dr. Corbett for many years and his treatments never fail to relieve pain for me. I have been to other chiropractors, but none of them helped with my problem.

    I have less pain because of Dr. Corbett.

    He has such friendly staff and he is always in a great mood!"
  • "I was having pain in my ankles and back. I heard about Dr. Corbett thirty years ago through my husband. I had seen other chiropractors before and though they did help a bit, they were rough. Dr. Corbett’s treatments helped very much and I love the friendly atmosphere and the willingness to help. Dr. Corbett is very obliging and answers questions."
  • "I had been to Dr. Corbett’s years ago, so when a pain developed in my lower back, and lasted for ten months, I decided to come back. I saw another chiropractor, as well as a massage therapist once a month, but it did not help the pain.

    After 1 1/2 weeks of treatments from Dr. Corbett, I feel great. I am pain free and can sleep through the night without pain.

    I like the friendly, helpful staff as well as the flexibility of the office. I can walk in without an appointment if I need to and they try to fit me in right away."
  • "I was having knee pain and when I saw the sign out front of the office, I decided to come in and try Dr. Corbett out.

    I was having a lot of pain, but I never went to a doctor until I was already seeing Dr. Corbett. The doctor tried to put me on medication and told me that chiropractic treatments would not help.

    Dr. Corbett not only helped my knee, but my back as well. He made me feel good all over. I loved everything about my experience. He gave me good advice and lots of information."
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Corbett for a little over 1 year now for different reasons and here is how it typically goes:
    You walk into a clean, fresh office where a kind receptionist will ask you to take a seat. She or he will then bring you into another clean chiropractic room to wait for the Dr. After a few short minutes (he is a VERY punctual doctor) Dr. Corbett will come in professionally and treat your ailments in an understanding manner. Once you get to know him more, he will make jokes and tell stories as he treats your problems. He will try to accommodate your schedule to get you an appointment in a timely manner. He is very quick but also explains everything you need to know about your specific needs. He also has state of the art equipment. I have never had a negative experience with Dr. Corbett or any of his receptionists. Thank you for treating me. I highly recommend Winkler Chiropractic Office."
  • "I have gone to see Dr Corbett as well as my daughters. Have always had good results and we’re well taken care of each time. Friendly, always cheerful and a happy go lucky gentleman would recommend him to all!"
  • "Very nice and clean office with very friendly and professional staff. Dr Corbett is friendly along with a funny personality and seems to really know what he's doing. I'd definitely recommend him and he's my first choice for chiropractic care."
  • "I heard about Dr. Corbett through a friend who had previously seen Dr. Corbett with great results. I started coming to Dr. Corbett with back pain from a previous job where I was working in an ergonomically incorrect position for 8+ hours/day. After the first few visits the pain was manageable, and a few more visits I felt 100%. Getting adjusted allowed me to work, sleep and do all the things I need to without issue. I have had chiropractic treatment and massages from other offices and never had lasting results like this! Amazing results and fantastic staff keep me coming back on a regular basis! The staff is always pleasant and accommodating when I needed to get in last minute or reschedule an appointment. I have referred many friends and family to Dr. Corbett! Thank-you Dr. Corbett!"
  • "Great staff. Was able to get me in to see Dr. Corbett quickly. Dr. Corbett helped my hip issue and got me moving again. Would recommend."
  • "A co-worker referred me to Dr. Corbett, after going to him for a work-related injury. He said Dr. Corbett made him feel exactly as he had prior to the incident and worked around his schedule. I was skeptical at first because I felt like I’d already tried everything to help my pain, but wow! So happy I took his advice!! Dr. Corbett explained exactly what it was that was causing my pain, and what would need to be done to fix it. I felt completely comfortable and he answered all my questions. My new custom orthotics have helped immensely with what I thought was unfixable back pain, and the treatments he gave me worked wonders. Now my feet and back feel good as new! I continue to go to Winkler Chiropractic on a regular basis, because I am confident Dr. Corbett can find and fix any problem before it becomes as severe as mine was. I would recommend Dr. Corbett to everyone of all ages, whether you just want a check up or you feel like you’ve exhausted all options for your pain."
  • "Dr. Corbett has helped me recover from many different kinds of injuries stemming from multiple back injuries to torn tendons and muscles in my shoulders and back. Dr. Corbett is very passionate about what he does and for me it’s nearly impossible leaving his office without a smile on my face. I will continue to go to him for years to come."