SpineCor Support Group

Welcome to SpineCor!! My name is Leslie Tilley and I am very excited for you to have your new brace and hope you have the very best positive experience as I have. I am 50 years old, have a 70 degree lumbar curve and a 33 thoracic. I am from Nova Scotia Canada. I had to end my career at the age of 45 and was in debilitating pain. I was offered no hope from any surgeon and tried everything and I mean everything to help ease the pain. After being in pain for five long years, I began to search the internet and came across the brace SpineCor. I called a provider in Calgary Alberta as I have family there and it worked best for me. I was fitted Sept 27, 2013 and like many, not all, I had relief the first day wearing it. SpineCor has changed my life. so much so that I created a support group on facebook to bring awareness to this amazing brace that changed my life. I wanted people to know, I was sure there must be more people out there suffering as I was. I went from level 10 pain to 80% pain relief. The group is called: SpineCor Brace andScoliosis support group for everyone all over the world. It has climbed to over the 500 mark for members, is helping people and that is my goal. There are people just like you starting with their braces, parents that have children in SpineCor, I have done my best to provide professional information on SpineCor for anyone thinking of it and for all of us to learn from. My full testimony is pinned to the top of the group so you can read my journey, we all have our own and love to hear others. I keep on top of the group daily so as to give support and help answer any questions that people may have.We are all in this together, dealing with the concerns, the triumphs, the pros, the cons, we talk about everything. I wanted to welcome you and offer you to join if you wish, would love to have you in the group. It is here for caring support, information needed, and to make friends with people just like yourself. SpineCor has changed my life and I am forever grateful, again, so much so, I created this group. I truly wish you and everyone the very best success with your experience with SpineCor.Here is the link to the group or you can just key in the name of it. Click join and I will approve your request.
Best Regards, Leslie Tilley - [email protected]